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Press photographers

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newspapers (Tehr?n)

newspapers (Tehr?n)

Former fleet street legendary picture editor Ron Morgans has just posted a quote from the well respected legendary Editor Sir David English. Roy Greenslade take note: Here’s what the late, great Sir David English, who created the modern Daily Mail, had to say about newspaper photographers.

” Press photographers are a strange breed. Moody, enthusiastic, temperamental, excitable, humorous, self-deprecating . They are in many ways the most interesting collection of people to be found on any national newspaper. More interesting frequently than the star bylined writers. More interesting than the gossip columnists with their fund of inside chatter. More interesting even than the showbiz kings with their stories of rubbing shoulders with the great and their `all life´s a cocktail party´ philosophy. Photographers are the shock troops of journalism. They cannot muse. They cannot pontificate. They cannot sit in the office and get their stories by telephone. Nor do they pick up their scoops over lunch. They have to be where the action is. They have to be there! “

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March 17, 2015 at 8:39 pm

Weston Master III Lightmeter

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Over many years, professional photographers the world over have user Weston exposure meters. Why? Because they fulfill the professional’s needs. Extremely accurate in all lighting situations, rugged, generally no reliance on batteries.

The epitome of the selenium cell meter is the Weston Master, which has a long and complicated history, not least because there were both US-built and UK-built versions: the UK company started as a subsidiary of the US-based company (which was founded by an Englishman) and became 51% UK owned (as Sangamo Weston) in 1936.

The Weston Master Universal was introduced in 1939 and remained in production in the UK until about 1950, though the Weston Master II was introduced in the United States in 1945/6. The Weston Master III appeared in 1956; the Weston Master IV in 1965; the Weston Master V in 1967; and the Euro-Master in 1970. Even after Weston lost interest, the Euro-Master was manufactured by Kilbride Instruments in Scotland from 1980 to 84 and then as the Euro-Master II by Megatron in London from 1984 to 2010.

It works as follows: moving the small tab that sticks out from the silver dial adjusts the film speed setting which can be read though the small opening in the red dial. Then take a reading by aiming the meter cell on the bottom of the meter at the subject. If the light levels are high, leave the perforated cover over the selenium cell in place; if the the light is dim, then open the perforated cover. The meter needle will point to a number on the meter scale. The range of numbers for bright light is 25 to 1600 and for low light it goes from .2 to 50. Use the turned up tabs on the black wheel to aim the large silver arrow at the corresonding number on the outermost part of the dial. You can then read all the correct exposure combinations off the silver (shutter speeds) and black (f stops) dials. In other words, a shutter speed that lines up with an adjacent f stop should provide the right exposure.

Manual is here

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December 17, 2013 at 4:33 pm

10 Ways a Photographer Can Improve Business By Trusting Their Clients

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Do you trust your clients? If you answered “no,” then you might want to start. Placing trust in your clients, by giving them access to your archive, can open you up to greater revenue opportunities.
PhotoShelter’s “Trusted Client” feature allows a photographer to give easy access to a photographer’s archive (not including anything marked as “private.”)

To some, this sounds like a risky, potentially disastrous situation. But many photographers have discovered otherwise……

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August 26, 2010 at 8:32 pm

Mischa Barton

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A horrible pale looking Mischa Barton C Celeb opens Harrods sale 2009

Picture Gallery is here

Mischa Barton and Mohammed Al Fayed attend a photocall to open Harrods

Mischa Barton and Mohammed Al Fayed attend a photocall to open Harrods

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June 27, 2009 at 4:32 pm

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