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Rogaska Slatina a Slovenian SPA resort

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Few resorts could ever be as healthy, green and luxurious as the Rogaska Slatina Slovenian SPA resort. The moment that I actually saw the place, I couldn’t believe how big, green and  well kept it was. I decided to stay at the Grand Hotel Rogaska and  It’s a hotel that really looks like more of a big grand building than anything else, and it manages to have the fantastic accommodations that you would expect from a hotel like this.

When I went on this vacation, I mainly just wanted to relax for few days. I wasn’t interested in sightseeing this time around. The Rogaska Slatina Slovenian SPA resort was perfect for that. I managed to get as many wellness treatments as I could, and I really recommend everything. You honestly completely feel like a different person the moment that you get back from the spa at the Rogaska Slatina. The therapists and the technicians at the spa really seemed to know what they were doing, and I immediately felt more relaxed the moment that I was in their hands. Really, I only have good things to say about the staff members of the Rogaska Slatina Slovenian SPA resort in general.

The staff members at a place like this can make or break it, which everyone knows. In this case, the Rogaska Slatina Slovenian SPA resort really had excellent staff members. I thought that all of them were really friendly and attentive. They really knew everything that was going on, and they could answer all of your questions without your having to try to Google everything every five seconds, and that makes all the difference if you’re on vacation and you’re trying not to stare at your phone the whole time. I really felt like the staff members could handle anything, and that makes a big difference if you’re abroad and you really want to make sure that you’re in good hands. Just a small example I needed to find a pet grooming service for my westie   and Andrea at the reception organised everything for me!

The view from my hotel room was fantastic, I chose to get a good size room that was called ‘Premium’ and from 22 to 40 Square meter.  The room was luxurious and I really felt like I was very comfortable there. Bed super comfy and bathroom of good size. Wifi free everywhere.People don’t necessarily need to get all of the most expensive things at the Grand Hotel Rogaska in order to really enjoy themselves there. This is just the sort of resort where people are going to have a great time anyway. 


This wasn’t really a sightseeing vacation for me. Of course, I did still want to go places there, and I thought that the Rogaska Slatina Slovenia SPA resort had the perfect location for that. The hotel is located near the end of the park, so you can basically walk outside and you’ll be able to get to somewhere pretty. The small town is just a gorgeous little place, and you really get a sense of the local area as a result. We took a fantastic little tour by train organised by the Tourist Board.

I went few times at the Rogaska Riviera swimming pool centre and is superb and really worth a visit, Donat Mg is a natural mineral water from the springs of Rogaška Slatina in Slovenia. It has a high content of magnesium. It helps with constipation problems, heartburn and magnesium deficiency problems.

I thought that the food at the Grand Hotel was great, with fantastic choice and great quality! The Grand Hotel Rogaska has everything: a pool, massage services, and rooms that are so comfortable you could really have fun there. I recommend this resort to anyone.

Grand Hotel Rogaska

Rogaska Slatina Tourist Office

This post has been partially sponsored I did get media rates during my stay at Grand Hotel Rogaska. . For more information, check out my full disclaimer policy.


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